expertplas VISIONcube


The film samples are simply placed on the test table via a pull-out drawer.

A special device ensures that even the thinnest films lie flat and wrinkle-free.

A subsequent "small push" on the drawer is sufficient and the soft close automatic positions the sample directly under the measuring device. 


After the measurement process is started, defined test drops are placed on the surface and then recorded by means of a 3D measurement.

The live image can be seen immediately and is then automatically stored in a file.

The measurement as well as the calibration takes place fully automatically and thus relieves the user.


After the measurement, VISIONcube automatically analyzes the BNG value (wetting degree) of the surface.
By means of a comparative analysis, the data can then be checked and performance settings of the corona treatment system can be recommended.
At the same time, additional information such as contact angle, disperse and polar fractions can be stored for each measurement.
And by means of the MAD analysis, even disturbances such as additive migrations or contamination on the surfaces can be detected.

All this is possible in one measurement!


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