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In order to be able to further process non-polar materials such as plastics, these generally require higher surface adhesion (better wetting behavior due to adhesion increase).


Surfaces that come into contact with controlled plasma are "activated" within specific predefined areas, for example, to enable the prerequisites for printing, laminating or painting.

The expertplas team develops generators and power stages for plasma generation up to complete treatment systems



Our technologies are used in the following manufacturing and processing methods:

Blown film extrusion  +  Flat film extrusion  +  Flexo printing  +  Digital printing  +  Offset printing
Pad printing  +  Lamination  +  Injection molding  +  Lacquering  +  PU foaming  +  R&D  +  Air purification
Water purification  +  Disinfection

plasma sytems for films


  • Packaging
  • Printed electronic
  • Protection films
  • Industrial films
  • Agrarian films
  • Furniture films
  • Pharmazeutical films
  • Foams
  • Sanitary products

plasma systems for molded parts


  • Automotive Interior (I-panel, Center panel, A-C pillar, Headliner, Doorpanel, Hatrack, Sun visor, etc.)
  • Foam- and sealing profile  
  • Synthetic laminate
  • WPC
  • Furniture element 
  • White- and brown goods

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