About us

As an established company in the field of plasma technology for plastics and surface technology, we always focus on innovation and excellence. Our years of experience and deep understanding of our customers' specific needs make us a strong partner in the industry.


Our wide range of customized solutions is supported by our competent and experienced team of experts, who are always eager to exceed our customers' expectations. Our team consists of highly qualified engineers and technicians who have extensive experience and expertise and excel in creativity and innovation.

Our plasma technology is designed for the highest precision and efficiency, enabling a wide range of applications in plastics and surface engineering, including surface cleaning, activation, coating and modification. Our systems are designed to meet the most demanding requirements and ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Our customers value us for our reliability, world-class customer service, and ability to provide customized solutions for their specific needs. We work closely with our customers to ensure they receive the best possible solution for their requirements and support them in implementing and maintaining our systems.

Our commitment to sustainability is another reason to trust us as a supplier of plasma technology in the field of plastics and surface technology. We are committed to environmentally friendly and resource-saving solutions and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Overall, we offer our customers an unbeatable range of plasma technology for plastics and surface technology. With our expertise, innovative solutions and outstanding customer service, we can help our customers optimize their production processes, increase efficiency and achieve their goals.