Power output stages for the plasma generation

The powerplas output stages are able to generate up to 20 kw output power. Always enough energy in combination with  snychronized treatment systems.

The power units  are equipped with a new control regulation and exterm rapid semi conducter technology.  

The powerplas output stages are used for the plasma generation within the expertplas- I, X and S series as well as within the expertjet systems:


As an alterantive we also offer the powerplas output stages as a single component  to marketing partners.


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High voltage transformers for plasma applications

The expertplas high-voltage transformers are matched to the expertplas power output stages in order to provide the necessary power conversion for generating the plasma or corona discharge at the electrodes.

Due to their compact design, they can be easily integrated. 

Depending on the power requirements, the transformers are equipped with air- or oil cooling.

The expertplas high-voltage transformers are used for plasma generation in the expertplas I, X and S series as well as in the expertjet systems:


Alternatively, we offer the transformers as single components for system suppliers, or develop the transformers according to customer specifications.


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Narrow web treatment for working widths up to 670mm

The new S-ONE series is specially designed for the treatment of non-polar films, as well as for aluminum compound films.

The power potential of up to 5 kW enables excellent treatment results up to 300m/min.

The electrode cassette insert allows excellent maintenance of the standard expertplas CERAM electrodes and trouble-free web threading.

The expertplas S-ONE Series is perfect for the treatment of:


BOPP, CPP, PE, PET, PA, PVC, Mebrane, nonwoven, paper, aluminum foil, multilayer films, etc.

Web plasma systems up to 2.500mm working width

The expertplas I- and X- series represents the one - respectively two side plasma treatment systems for web materials.

They are easy to integrate inline into the production processes such as blown film-, caast film-, printing-, or laminating lines. 

The expertplas I and X series are perfect for the treatment of:


Plastic films (PP, PE, CPP, OPP, BOPP, PET, PVC, etc.)

Aluminium, Paper, Nonwoven

Treatment system for flexo print and lamination

The new calvatron BA - series of the kalwar group is especially designed for OEM integration in flexo printing and laminating lines. The system concept is designed for process speeds up to 600m/min and is used to refresh the surface adhesion to ensure a perfect print image or sufficient anchorage especially of solvent-free adhesives.
The BA- series is available with VA- blade electrodes as well as with high end ceramic electrodes for conductive or semiconductive films.

The BA series is perfect for integration into printing and laminating systems of all web formats and ideal for handling:


BOPP, CPP, PE, PET, PA, PVC, aluminum, etc.

plascolab plasma systems

The exertplas plascolab systems are designed for the repeatable sampling and evaluation of material surfaces.

The evaluated power impact of the tested material can easy be specified to following  production processes.

The modular design enables the extension of printing bars or coating systems. 

The palscolab system is perfect suitable for the use in laboratory-, or clean room environment.

For the treatment of: 


Plastic films and sheets up to 2mm (PP, PE, CPP, OPP, BOPP, PET, PVC, etc.)

Aluminium, Paper, Nonwoven, Teflon, Silicone, PC, Glass, Ceramic, Ionomere, printed electronic, etc.

plascofree  sheet treatment  

The expertplas placofree systems are especially designed for the one sided plasma treatment of sheet plastic- or wooden materials.

The special electrode design enables no material thickness limitation.

plascofree is deliverable up to 3 meter working width and can easy be integrated into production lines such as laminate- or furniture  printing- or coating presses.

The expertplas plascofree series is perfect for the plasma teratment of:


Synthetik sheets (PP, PE, PU, PVC, etc.), WPC profiles, Laminate, flat molded parts, Frames, Profiles, Sun visors, etc.

Narrow web plasma systems up to 500mm working width

The expertplas S- series are designed for the one- respectively two side plasma treatment of films  in narrow web lines.

The S- series is the perfect addition to inkjet- and digital printing presses. 

The expertplas S- series is perfect for the plasma treatment of:


Plastic films (PP, PE, CPP, OPP, BOPP, PET, PVC, etc.),

Paper, etc.

Plasmajet for the treatment of 3D parts

The expertjet systems are perfectly suitable for the activation and micro cleaning of a large varaity 3D parts.

expertjet systems can easy be integrated in prduction lines or handled with robotics.

The expertjet series is perfectly suitable for the lasma treatment and micro cleaning of:


Profiles, Sealings, Hoses (PP, PE, PC, HDPE, LDPE, EPDM, PVC, Silicone, Teflon, etc.), Metall surfaces, Nonwowen, or electrical boards. 

Plasmatunnel for 3D shapes and parts

The calvapro plasma tunnel is ideally suited for the inline treatment of 3-dimensional molded parts and enables high treatment quality without the additional use of automation technology such as robots or linear tools.

The parts to be treated are simply placed on the conveyor belt and pass through a cold plasma field inside the protected booth.

The surfaces are activated evenly from all sides. 

The plasma tunnel is perfect for the fast and effective treatment of:



door panels, instrument panels, armrests, trim  elements, shelves, sun visors, etc.


White and brown goods, electronic housings, containers, caps, bottles, sleeves, etc.


PE, PP, PP-LGF, ABS, PET, PC, PU, PA, etc.

expertplas VISIONcube

Imagine a foolproof and fast surface analysis directly at your printing or extrusion machine.

And now imagine that this analysis is automatically processed by the corona/plasma pretreatment device and the performance of the system is adjusted. 


The expertplas VISIONcube

The VISIONcube is ideally suited to analyze the surface adhesion of films or flat materials in the following product areas:


Blown- and flat film extrusion, flexo, gravure, offset and digital printing, R&D, Synthetic-, color-, adhesive- and film development, etc.