The insertion system with exchangeable cassette enables easy care and maintenance of the system. 

At the same time, a choice can be made between different electrode variations.

As standard, plascolab is equipped with expertplas CERAM electrodes, which can also be used to process conductive materials without any problems.


The plascolab TERMINAL leaves nothing to be desired in the operation of the plascolab system.
Great importance was deliberately attached to simple operation and readability.
The terminal can be used to pre-program the speed of the linear slide, the desired process cycles and the energy (in watts).
After completion of the process cycle, the entered dose (Wmin/m²) is displayed.
Optionally, plascolab can be combined with the VISIONcube for fully automated documentation of all parameters.


A functioning system requires practicality and simplicity.
And lasting treatment quality can only be achieved if the operator is made as easy as possible. This applies not only to care and maintenance, but also to easy operation and accessibility. That is why the plascolab is equipped with a door that swings upwards to open up the entire space of the unit.
The plascolab TERMINAL can also be moved horizontally so that work can be carried out comfortably at any position - even when seated.

Technical details:

(Serial equipment)

Treatment width    210 x 295mm
Speed    0.1 m to 60 m/min

Electrode system

  expertplas CERAM

Back-up electrode

  Vacuum table

System power

  1.5 kW

Mains voltage 

  400 VAC

Control voltage

  24 VDC

Mains frequency

  50/ 60 Hz