plascofree can be supplied as a turnkey stand-alone solution or integrated inline into coating or laminating lines.
In both variants, the treatment process is simple and can be carried out without complex set-up processes.
The electrode distance can be up to 15mm from the product and thus even slight material distortion (bowls) of plates can be compensated.
The electrode distance can be adjusted manually beforehand or optionally via servo drives, regardless of the plate thickness.


plascofree is primarily used for the plasma activation of plastic sheets, laminates or planks in order to increase their adhesion to printing inks or the adhesive bond for the laminating process.
However, the system can also be used for real wood or compound profiles, for example to increase the wettability by water vapor and thus the conductivity.
Even flat injection molded parts can be treated effectively with plascofree.


The ingenious expertplas FDE electrodes enable extremely effective adhesion enhancement on almost all plastic or wood panels.

Due to the effective distance of up to 15mm, even recesses (e.g. of door leaves or profiles) can be treated.

It does not matter whether the panel thickness is 5mm or 50cm. 

The working width and treatment speed can also be scaled without any problems. 

Technical details:

(Standard equipment)

Treatment width    From 300mm 
Line speed   0,1 - 20 m/min 

Electrode system

  expertplas FDE

Back-up electrode

  n. a.

System power 

  From 1.5 kW

Mains voltage 

  400 VAC

Control voltage

  24 VDC

Mains frequency

  50/ 60 Hz